Online Advertising for Writers

Advertise your writing-related products with The Writing Corner

Whether you are a writer or an author who wants to promote books or you are a writing-related business, you can display your products on The Writing Corner, on social medias and our network partners. Pay only per month.

Online Advertising for Writers

How it works

Reach more potential customers

Costs and payment

You create your ads

You create your ads with a title, a description and a URL. Your ads can be in form of a text or an image. Learn more

Your ads appear

People will see your ads when they visit The Writing Corner, Facebook Pages related to writing and Facebook Ads, Twitter's Tweets and followers interested in writing and literature and on other writing-related websites.

You attract potential customers

If people are interested, they can click on your ads to purchase your writing-related product or to simply learn more about you.

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Reach even more customers with our partners 

With our partnership with many high-quality writing-related websites, you will increase the reach of your display advertising.

Clear detailed weekly report

We will send you a weekly detailed report by email to help you maximize and optimize your campaigns.

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Set your budget

No matter what your budget is, you can advertise with us. There is no minimum amount to spend. We made this so that most writers, authors and businesses can advertise easily and cost-efficiently. For example, you can advertise on TheWritingCorner, to our FacebookPage, our twitter followers, our writing-related Linkedin Contacts and finally to our writing-related Linkedin groups for just $7.97 USD each month. This alone will surely bring you many potential customers. Learn more

Also, depending on the type of product that you are advertising, TheWritingCorner will try to find you a place in our partners' writing-related websites. This is free for now, but note that this might not be the case in the future so profit of the opportunity now. 

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