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6 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be a Writer

Posted by Ali Khader on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 Under: Top Lists

We have wrote an article about the 6 reasons why it sucks to be a writer. As we have promised, here are 6 reasons why it rocks to be a writer!

1 - As a Writer, You Are Powerful And Even More If You Are Published.

We wrote an article long ago about the power that a writer can have. As a writer, your pen is LITERALLY (pardon the pun...) like a gun, a microphone, even like a camera. Not only you can share your opinion to thousands if not more of people, but you can also be detrimental to people.

For example, think about Stephen King writing an article about YOU... would you like him to speak highly of you or bad about you?

I have been contacted some weeks ago by a person from India. He told me that he wanted some advice to publish his book in order to get the attention of his Prime minister. I was interested, of course, in helping him and I am still waiting to read a sample of his book.

All this to say that, as a writer, you are powerful and can be even more powerful. It is at you to use that influence properly.

2 - If You Make a Living Out of Your Writings, You Don't Have To Worry About a Boss.

This is the dream of most aspiring writers or should I say aspiring authors.

3 - You Have Found The Way to Speak Without Getting Interrupted.

Yes, no more “Excuse-me I am not done yet” during an argumentation, as you can shoot it all on paper.

4 - If You Are Poor, You Can Blame The Precariousness Of Your Job.

Let's face it, the job of a writer is not always gratifying and there are lots of insecurities. It is not a stable job. I guess that being a writer is a good excuse for being poor... just kidding, but most people understand if you say something like “hey I am a writer and it's a hard job”.

5 - You Can Write About Someone That You Don't Like With Impunity.

Writing gives a writer the opportunity to observe people and to weave them into their writing. What a delightful way to get your own back on a relative or person you don't like. Think about someone that you don't like... Done? Now think about you writing your book and build a character based on that person into an embarrassing or unpleasant situation! Would they even dare to comment? I don't think so. Why? Because that would be an admission of self-recognition...:P

6 - You Are Immortal.

One of the advantages can be regarded as a purchase of immortality. A writer will hope that the written word will out live them. Your words and your writings will out live you.

PS. Thanks to the author Christine Curtis for giving the idea about this 5th  and 6th  point.

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