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Hunted - House Of Night: Plot Summary

Posted by Ali Khader on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 Under: Book Reviews Rubric

Kalona is released and Neferet is Queen Tsi Sgili. Zoey is with her friends underground and the world outside the tunnels is in disorder. Soon Zoey will have to face Kalona and survive.
Zoey returns sooner than expected and has to face Kalona. His breathtaking beauty and sexiness is overpowering, but Zoey and her friends who have returned to the House of Night escape his gaze. But Zoey still dreams and Kalona stars in those seductive dreams. Stark, the fledgling she has died and now comeback, like Stevie Rae, keeps Zoey safe, but Stark is neither good nor bad at this point. Could there be three boyfriends again? Re-Imprinted with Heath, in love with Erik Night a fully Changed and Marked vampyre, and now Stark who is fighting for his humanity.
The fifth installment in the House of Night Series draws you in and won’t let you go. Definitely a book that makes your heart beat faster.

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