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Pottermore Site Will Be Updated

Posted by Ali Khader on Saturday, October 29, 2011 Under: Current News Stories & Fun Facts
If you remember, we had published an article where J.K. Rowling announced pottermore. Pottermore is community for the Harry Potter fanatics. The beta version of the website has been launched on July 31st and is still available as a beta version for late subscriptions.

Now the full version of the website, which was supposed to be available on in October 2001 has been extended.

By the last news from the official blog of pottermore, Pottermore-insider, on November 2nd the beta version of the website will be down for a few days. “As part of our work to make Pottermore even better, we'll be taking the site down for a few days on Wednesday 2 November. We're going to use this time to make a few technical changes behind-the-scenes.

Are they preparing the backstage of the full version of pottermore to finally launch it? No one can tell, but only guess and expect!

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