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The Future of 3D Media by Keith Fredericks - Author Interview

Posted by Ali Khader on Saturday, November 19, 2011 Under: Interview With Authors

Today's interview is with Keith Fredericks. For the 3D fans out there, you have to read this interview!

Keith wrote "The Future of 3D Media" to expose 3D glasses as "one of the biggest marketing blunders of all time" and to show how 3D will be adopted by consumers through a series of short pieces with different styles. His latest piece, "3D Glasses 404," is a scifi pastche of "The Emporer's New Clothes," where he looks back from the near future to see how stereoscopic 3D was first mass-adopted by consumers.

The Future of 3D Media by Keith Fredericks


In your book, what kind of tone or voice did you want to display in your writing? When you first began writing, did your voice change in any reviews or drafts you made of your work?

I wanted to display the voice of the activist, ready to act on existing information.  The voice in the writing changes throughout the book as various styles are used, from a straight reporting style to a style reminiscent of C. S. Lewis in the Screwtape Letters.

What experience do you have dealing with 3D specifically?

I have over 25 years experience in the 3D industry, from creating a 3D digitizer in 1983, through founding the Virtual Reality Lab at Cray Research in 1989, to working at a leading 3D display company for 7 of the last 8 years.  General 3D, the company I started in 2010 created an entirely new way to distribute stereoscopic 3D to a wide range of 3D devices.



Did you make research and conduct interviews for your writing? For you as a writer, how important do you feel researching your topic is? Would you recommend other writers to research before writing such an in-depth topic as you?

I did research for some sections and other sections were opinion pieces with less research.  I feel that researching a topic is extremely important, but you also have to be purpose-driven to package the writing and publish rather than doing an exhaustive study, especially when the topic is “in the moment” as 3D is.  Absolutely, I recommend that others do research before writing on such a topic.



How did you decide what audience group to write for? Did you try to focus on the upcoming generation, or perhaps the current generation to try to explain 3D to people?

At first I focused on my peer group in the 3D display industry.  As I developed the series of articles on subjects surrounding the future of 3D media, I saw more and more the need to address the large group of consumers struggling to understand the basics of stereoscopic 3D and decided to create an introductory section to the book so as to make it accessible to a much larger audience.


How long do you think before the 3D becomes “obsolete”? Because the technology changes so fast. Do you feel your book will be looked upon even in the upcoming years?

One of the key issues I explore in the book is the misconception of 3D as a fad.  I approach the issue from the point of view that we are beings with 3D visual systems and so naturally predisposed to 3D display technologies.  Just as with many other human inventions such as the telephone, record player, telescope, and computer, 3D display of information is an extension of human capabilities.  The previous attempts to bring 3D to the consumer failed simply due to a lack of required technology. Now we have the technology.  It is simply a matter of applying it in the appropriate way.

I think that this book has a "shelf-life" where it will be more apropos.  The period of interest here is the time of consumer uptake of 3D technologies.  That period still has some time to go.  As mentioned in the book, the key events for this period is the introduction of the killer app for stereoscopic 3D along with the introduction of the consumer autostereoscopic display system.  As the series of events surrounding this unfolds, this will become more and more of a historical document.  As it is now, we are still on the predictive side.



You might have heard about the death of, Steve Jobs, the co-founder chairman and chief executive of Apple Inc. What do you think of an iPhone filming in 3D or even taking pictures in 3D? Is that possible?

Throughout the book there are references to Steve Jobs and his approach to creating the killer app along with the disruptive device introduction. That introduction of iPod and iTunes and later the introduction of the iPhone and iPad stand as the example in the industry of how to innovate, disrupt and dominate an industry.  You already find this as the staple example in business books on innovation.

Not only is it is expected that Apple will come out with a 3D device.  Apple is clearly the one company with the requisite mojo to introduce a 3D device into the marketplace and be incredibly successful with it.  There has been a great deal of speculation already (and even in my book) regarding the possibility and timing of a 3D iPhone (or iPad).

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