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Are You Searching What to Write About?

Posted by Ali & Aerica on Saturday, May 28, 2011 Under: Writing Tips & Guide


Asking yourself what are the subjects you should write about is the same thing as asking what are the subject that you can write about in literature.

First of all, let's explain what literature means. “Technically”, during the 12th century, literature meant whatever that was “written” and then it slowly changed to mean “the ability to obtain knowledge from books”.

Nowadays, the definition of literature is used to express any text that we give an aesthetics value to it and that people can discuss (debate, give their opinion, admire) about it. (Source: Le Dictionnaire).

It must be artistic and have aesthetics. That is what the writer should focus on, for his writing to be classified as a “literary work”. For example, can the “Laws” be considered literary? Do the people who write these laws try to give some kind of an aesthetics or artistic value to their texts? This is a debate that still exists today.

Now what is a good subject to write about in literature? The answer is simple: What makes literature beautiful is that any subject can be interesting as long as you can make it interesting (with aestheticism and being artistic).

In literature, you can write about everything. You can write about even the most simple subject and make it interesting. As long as you put some aestheticism and you see this as an artistic work and think that you can make this subject interesting, then go ahead. Also, for it to be considered a literary work, your work should be available for people to observe and discuss on it. Take for example a paint. This is a piece of Art, but people should be able to observe it and try to admire the aestheticism that the painter tried to show. They should be able to say whether or not they like it.

In literature, you can write about everything because everything can be interesting. It's all about the writer and not the subject.

Happy writing!:)

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