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Willowtree By Mike Bove - Author Interview

Posted by Ali & Aerica on Monday, January 23, 2012 Under: Interview With Authors
We are always happy to interview a new author. What is fascinating with authors is that no matter how many authors you've talked to, you realise that they are all different even tough they live for the same passion: Writing.

We have interviewed Mike Bove, a self-published author. His first cozy mystery was self-published in August 2011. He is currently working on the second in the series. The senior sleuth, an avid golfer, likes to cook, and lives in a fictitious Arizona town.





1. A major part of writing is publishing, could you describe your experience with publishing with your book WILLOWTREE?

When I began writing WILLOWTREE I was not sure about ever having it published, but feedback from readers of the unfinished manuscript convinced me to give it a try. With a limited budget and a lot of research about print-on-demand, I decided self-publishing was possible. Thinking I would purchase a package from a POD publisher, I did even more research, and realized I had the software and skills to produce a print ready manuscript. Create Space was a good fit for me, since the tools or abilities I lacked were available from them. It was a very much more complicated process than I imagined, but I struggled through, learned a great deal, and loved every minute of it. The frustrating part was re-editing a proof that I thought was perfect, three times.

2. Why did you choose a fictional place? Was it easier for you to choose a fictional place rather than just a town already made that you could use as a model for your book?

Willowtree, Arizona is a fictional town located in a part of the Prescott National Forest that I had admired for 18 years while commuting to work. I imagined a town there, or rather I was happy that there was no development on that beautiful and unique land. That was long before I had any thoughts of the story that became my book. The location is perfect for a town, real or fictional, surrounded by rugged mountains to the north, and the towns of Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, and Jerome, all visible from there. I designed the town and it's golf course in relation to the real mountains, river, creeks and elevation of the area. However, I also had the freedom to make up the landmarks and history of the town, which certainly affect the characters.

3. Does golf play a big role in your writing?

Golf is my cozy mystery angle, the factor that separates my book from others in the genre. It is a golf mystery. There is not much besides a nice golf course in Willowtree. Many scenes take place on or near it. Bruce DelReno is retired and plays a lot, since his wife chooses to keep working full time. So, that is where he finds his friends and dead bodies. I play a lot myself, so the game and the culture of a golf club are a big influence. There are many more aspects of the story that are not golf related.

4. How do you begin writing? Is it difficult? What are some strategies you use?

I am now working on the second book in the series. Of course I have a concept of the story in mind, but no rigid outline. As with WILLOWTREE, the story likely will go somewhere I never imagined in the early stages. To begin a writing session I must be relaxed, so other responsibilities must be taken care of first. I prefer mornings only because for some reason they have been the most productive times for me. Since I do not write for the book every day, I constantly review, add to and rearrange notes and research. That process often breeds new ideas for incorporation into plot or characters. I frequently leave my chair to lay on the floor where my notes and research are spread wide, including character sheets, scene outlines, chapter progress, a calendar for the chronology of the story, and dictionary. I also have many bookmarks for online reference. It's not difficult with enough coffee.

5. Have you ever written something and just felt it was inadequate? How did you over come that obstacle?

Yes. First step is to ignore it for a while, do something else, then come back. Sometimes this brings a fresh perspective to it, and it can be reworked. Sometimes I just delete and start over. Same idea, new canvas and palette.

6. Mike, do you have any resolution for 2012 as a writer? What will 2012 look like for you?

I didn't write anything down, have it notarized and tack it above my desk, but I did secretly promise myself that I would waste less time. Since the publication of WILLOWTREE, I have been seriously involved in marketing, some of which is productive, some a waste of time. I'm learning to differentiate. I have a long list of books I wish to read, and one I'm working on, so wasting a lot of time is not cool. I would like to publish the next book by August. I have several chapters done on the next Bruce DelReno mystery, tentatively titled STINGER MAGUIRE. MaGuire is a pro golfer who returns to his hometown of Willowtree and unfortunately turns up dead.


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