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The Writing Corner popularity is increasing. That is because we are constantly aiming at publishing unique and original contents.

If you want to write for us and at the same time augment your website or blog popularity or your Twitter or Facebook popularity, then here is your chance. You can write for us as a Guest Author.


How Does It Work? 

It is really simple. Your name and whatever link you give to us will be posted with your blog-post as a guest post. You will get quality traffic to your blog/website or your Twitter/Facebook page. We allow a maximum of three links to your blog/website or anywhere else. Example: if your name is Apple, it will be: "Guest Post by Apple" followed by your post and the link(s) that you have provided to us.


What Type Of Posts We Are Looking For?

You don't need to be a writer to post as a Guest Author here. Just share your own experience.

We Are Looking For Two Kinds Of Posts:


1) Anything that is useful and related to the vast world of literature. Example:

Writing Tips

Writing Techniques

Writing Tricks

Writers Resources (any resource that is useful for a writer)

Readers resources

Book Suggestions

Book Review

Self-Publishing Tips

Upcoming Book

Movies Based On Book


Use your imagination. I am sure that you have more to write about. As long as it is related to literature and writing and it is helpful.


2) General Entertaining Posts


Controversial posts

Funny Posts


Anything that will entertain the readers.


The Guidelines

* We want originality and uniqueness so your post must be original (written by you) and must not be published on any other website on the internet including your own website or blog.
* If you have a website, a blog, a Twitter or a Facebook account, we will put the link in your post so that the readers can contact you and increase your popularity over the internet. Again, we accept up to three links per posts.

* Write something that you like. It will be easier for you to develop your subject and you will have more pleasure.

OK so that's it:). We are looking forward to read your posts. If you have any questions, send an email at writingcommunity@thewritingcorner.net.

Click below to start writing for The Writing Corner. We will then review your post, publish it in the blog and send you a link to the post. Our blog is getting some good traffic and you could profit of that too.

We can't wait to start reading your post and share it to our readers in The Literary Blog. Thank you.

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